Monday, August 03, 2009

Don't ask "what will people think "ask what's impossible and let's try that

Remedies for distraught parents with bullied children, according to even our best psychologists last week, were given the name "impossible". The only answer which actually works is, I think ,the impossible one ; The one about "loving your enemies" . Jesus's words .
You don’t believe me? Remember Martin Luther King? It was he who reminded a whole generation of angry Americans,who were provoked to anger on a daily basis, that impossible love actually works. But to actually make it happen though, most of us need something a lot stronger than our own best intellectual and wilful efforts ; especially the bit about selling those amazingly impossible options to our children.
Have you tried it?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thank God He's not there

The challenge for "Thank God He's not there" to remain entertaining will revolve around the dangers of soft sell.
Because guests on TGYH are clearly not warned ( who cares some will say - surely we need a break HEH!!!1 from the fearmongers ) about the dangers of promoting lifestyle choice under the guise of bottom line gags, the characterization is lost to cheap lifestyle gags and we wonder if Alan Brough and many other are too seriuos about promoting something commonly sold cheap ( relationships and respect )

Such poor aim and false characterization maybe currently popular but it won't last ( esp by those who use it) because its like the bloke you meet at a party who goes down to that level all the time - he's depserate to gain an audience and prove his funnyness.
I Don't mind an "in character sexual proccupation" , but the lack of head room in the innuedo departmnet was rather obvious amongst the leaders last night. Aim higher and we'll all be happier.
Meyrich Watts deserved the prize - he stayed in character .

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The ageing lefts intellectaul end point is a cul de sac and often a hole; a dark hole where the only light is on the way in . An awareness they have painted themselves in a corner . To go anywher after decades of reactionary positions means to become normal or even conservative - its frightening; a least for them

The most recent example of the cringeing critics failure to agnowoldeg Pro hart's contribution to art . the critics know from history the high likleihood that once you have become popular, chances are you have lost sight of the cutting edge .
Pro is far oo optimistic , too impressionsistic to fit their self imposed retreatto obsurity cyniscsm and darkness as as end in itself . Nothing new in that .

Sunday, December 11, 2005

If you find yourself cringeing when watching mum on PRIDE and PREDJUDICE don't woory you are not alone .rememberJohn Clesse in faulty towers - just plain embarrassing The point is to get over it - esp in your own family, so you can enjoy Christmas and not be overwhelmed by the dickensonian breadth of your relatives bad habits

Thursday, October 14, 2004

If there is one thing the left needs to learn from Labors disasterous polling on Saturday its the predictable short term gain of carelessly following of the ever shifting greens and social reform agendas of the paid left :

If you stand with the superficial and reactionary , you will soon lose your credibility- your right to govern will be taken from you because you refuse to listen to those who are practically effective and know how to protect and be genuinely proactive with our dollars

Your options ? Be green, and proactive , but ditch the extremists and their wasteful noisy distractions . Get back to the central issues of Education , Environmental and Health care- competence ! avoid the legislative extremes of the old reactionaries and be really radical for a change! ;

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More power preoccupations substitute for declining influence ( after Santayana)

One of the most disturbing things about us as human beings is that we do often behave just like animals . The glass empty brigade will justify all kinds of disaster and ilhealth on such unholy excuses.

For those of us with an otherworldly view of the universe that recognises the limits of "animalistic determinism" ideas , we have to face the fact that even the most tangible God-botherer that we know of ----talked about us as though we were sheep .

He was a realist after all ; you can't talk credibly about love without being a realist as well . He was a prophetic realist as well. If you can't see the cliff on the end of the cul de sac you'll let others fall over - the blind leading the blind . what many in the media have been doing for years talking in reaction not in advance?

Jesus's great anger was for those who by developing their own version of whats good ( correctness - religious or political) stand in the way of what's better . The pharisees of his day were reactionaries - no good ideas of their own ; just defining themseleves in reaction to the traditions of their forefathers ( Solzinetizens point to the west )Standing in the doorways of the high moral ground but not " going in"

Which brings we to my reason for writing . Nothing is more obvious in limiting Australia's intellectual development over the last 30 years than the reactionaries in the media - short on ideas and still relucatant to admit to what's deeper and more sustainable than the quick fixes and excuses they pass out as "news" .

If they lived in the first years of communist Russia they would have lost their jobs and power as a result of the social dislocation caused by a failed reactionary response to the" sexual revolution" -
It took Russians only a few years to realise they were wrong to undermine marriage . Its going to take Western countries much, much longer .
At what cost? And what overly constricting
framework will they (as Santayana pointed out they would) impose on Australians as a reaction ( not as a form of metanoia)
What are the fanatical social reforners with a shallow shell of nothing to work on going on substsutue for social policy . "a technocolour yawn of nanny statements "?Another lawyers picnic like the one in palestine ?
Thus the media fail even to report clearly what family first means and are not aware that the alternative is more power, not more influence . The protection and preservation of the freedoms and ideas (therefore the culture) that have made this country great is at stake.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

What sweet relief with dianne on ABC local radio today Jon feine

For a few brief moments we didn't have to hear the reactionary lefties droning on in a careless imprecise manner about how terrible western civilisation is and all the mistakes we have made- they didn't say that - they couldn't get away with that its just the mindset? Make up you minds before you are denied the good you have had and now take for granted? - before the west becomes east and a new inertia envelops .